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If you’re making a list – and checking it twice- here are some colorful holiday gift ideas for every personality! Browse until you’ve checked everyone off your list (and maybe discovered a few gifts for yourself as well!)


ClassicThe person who has a classic style doesn’t want to be too flashy and will choose more subtle pieces. Here we’ve highlighted the three most classic gemstones; sapphire earrings, sapphire ringemerald ring and ruby pendant. These pieces highlight the center stone with diamond accents for understated classy look.



The glamorous personality isn’t afraid of big and bold statement pieces like a padparadscha sapphire and diamond ring, an exceptional sapphire and diamond ring or a daring necklace featuring a perfectly matched suite of cornflower blue sapphires and diamonds.

ArtisticArtistic individuals are creative, impulsive, sensitive and visionary. Their creativity can be expressed by unique choices like a tanzanite and pink tourmaline ring featuring a brushed 18K rose gold finish. An award-winning black opal and Paraíba tourmaline pendant or a ring with complementary colors of black opal, tsavorite and a unique hauyne blue halo would perfectly suit the artistic person in your life.

RomanticRomantics value femininity and admire soft details such as a flower-like diamond halo surrounding a rare yellow-orange fancy sapphire ring. Warm pink tones as seen in a pink spinel and diamond pendant would compliment a romantic’s heart. They also are at times drawn to darker colors such as a ruby and diamond ring to convey passion and desire.

CarefreeCarefree personalities want to have fun and express their personality through unique color combinations and whimsy. A purple spinel and pink sapphire pendant, star sapphire earrings accented with alexandrite or blue sheen moonstone and sapphire earrings will delight the carefree. A stunning black opal ring displaying flashes of red, green and blue is complimented with a non-deliberate array of fancy colored sapphires is perfect for this light-hearted personality.
EdgyA person with cutting edge style shows their freedom from expectations with unique shapes and color combinations as seen in this black opal and alexandrite ring accented with black rhodium. Push the boundaries with a purple spinel ring paired with alexandrite set in 18K yellow gold. A new take on a 3-stone ring the cutting edge can express boldness with a sapphire and diamond ring with sapphire shank and black rhodium accents.

And don’t forget that special man in your life with a pair of colored gemstone cufflinks. The bold look of sapphire on sapphire, or the sophisticated award-winning cufflinks featuring sapphires surrounded by diamond swirls. And for the more avant-garde, trapiche emeralds accented by black and white diamonds with a matte finish.

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The holidays are upon us and that means it’s the perfect season to see Omi Privé in person! Following is our Trunk Show calendar and we hope to see you soon!



Bigham Jewelers Festival of Fine Jewelry
Naples, FL
Thursday & Friday, November 29 & 30, 10am-5pm

Diamond Cellar Holiday Event
Dublin, OH
Thursday, November 29, Friday, November 30, 10am-9pm & Saturday, December 1, 10am-7pm

Hal Davis Jewelers Holiday Trunk Show
Boise, ID
Tuesday, December 4th, 6-8:30pm

Deja & Co. Fine Jewelry Trunk Show
Saratoga, CA
Thursday, December 6, 12pm-8pm, Friday, December 7, 10am-6pm & Saturday, December 8, 10am-6pm


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Spinel has long been one of the most under-appreciated gemstones on the market, yet it is coveted by collectors and gemologists for its range of hues and spectacular optical properties. Spinel was recently added as an official birthstone for August, raising its exposure to new heights. Recognized and prized for its hardness, brilliance, and unlike many other gem types, spinel is rarely treated or enhanced in any way. Many believe the name spinel comes from the Greek word for ’spark’. This name suits spinel well since it is a singularly refractive stone and is formed with cubic crystals similar to diamond, which gives this gemstone remarkable brilliance and fire. Watch the video below to see how even rough spinel has an unmatched brilliance.

Spinel comes in many different colors however red and blue are the most notable because for centuries they were mistaken for ruby and sapphire. One of the most famous rubies in history was discovered to not be a ruby at all, but a red spinel. This shocking discovery is what gave birth to the study of gems and gemology. The Black Prince’s stone was given to him in payment for an expensive military campaign, and the “Balas Ruby” became treasured by many English monarchs. This stone, with much appeal and allure is now known to be a spinel.

Spinel Variety

Spinels are an attractive alternative to ruby and sapphire as the same trace elements that color corundum are also what colors different colors of spinels, which come in an array of colors- ranging from a continuum of intense reds and pinks, down to the cool hues of blue and violet. Chromium causes the fiery red color of red spinels, and a mixture of cobalt and iron colors the striking blue color of stones from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a top source for blue “cobalt” spinels, which are sought after for their vivid, intense blue color. In addition, the Mogok region of Myanmar (much like Burmese rubies) is a renowned source for the finest red and hot-pink spinel. While all colors of spinel are beautiful in their own way, red is the rarest in nature and the most valuable. In addition to similar trace elements, and sources that are shared with ruby and sapphire, spinels form in the same metamorphic rock as corundum and are found in the same deposits. Wear a piece of rare history with any of our beautiful spinel pieces or view them in person at an Omi Privé Authorized Retailer.





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CUPRIAN TOURMALINE RING TAKES TOP PRIZE IN CLASSICAL DIVISIONClassical_1stPlaceThe annual American Gem Trade Association Spectrum Awards competition was held in New York City this past week with over 400 entries from jewelry designers and gemstone lapidaries. Omi Privé was awarded five prizes in multiple categories by the esteemed panel of industry judges, which was comprised of both jewelry retailers and designers.

The first place prize for the Classical division was bestowed upon Omi Privé’s 10.23 carat cuprian elbaite tourmaline, Paraíba tourmaline and diamond platinum ring. Bridal Manufacturing Honors were awarded to a suite of three perfectly matched padparadscha sapphires, 7.17 total carats set with diamonds in a 3-stone 18K rose gold ring. Also, in the Bridal Wear category, a 6.12 carat cabochon alexandrite ring designed by Niveet Nagpal, and submitted by Somewhere in the Rainbow Collection was awarded third place. In the Business/Day Wear category a 9.39 carat black opal and Paraíba tourmaline pendant was awarded second place and blue sapphire and diamond cufflinks were bestowed with Men’s Wear Platinum Honors.

“There is no finer recognition in the world of colored gemstones than to receive a Spectrum Award,” stated president and head designer Niveet Nagpal. “This competition is the pinnacle of our industry, to receive five awards is an incredible honor. Accolades such as this validate our passion for gemstones and the designs that they inspire. Thank you to the judges for recognizing my ultimate vision for each individual gemstone and the care we take with our hand craftsmanship.”



Bridal Wear Manufacturing Honors
Padparadscha Sapphire and Diamond 3-Stone Ring


Classical 1st Place
Cuprian Elbaite Tourmaline and Diamond Ring


Bridal Wear Third Place
Alexandrite Cabochon and Diamond Platinum Ring


Business/Day Wear Second Place
Opal, Paraíba Tourmaline and Diamond Pendant


Men’s Wear Platinum Honors
Sapphire and Diamond Platinum Cufflinks

The American Gem Trade Association will honor all Spectrum Award Winners at the annual Spectrum Awards Gala at the 2019 AGTA Tucson Gem show.  Further details of the award-winning pieces may be found online at OmiPrivé.com.


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The July/August issue of the top jewelry industry magazine, JCK, features a regal canine friend and Omi Privé’s pink tourmaline and tanzanite ring. Celebrating the “Year of the Dog”, the cover model, an Ibizan hound named Magnolia, was literally “Best in Show” wearing jewels and admiring a few Omi Privé rings. The cover feature highlights many designs from Vegas jewelry week; a trophy-worthy array of ocean-blue gems, rainbow delights, and deco artistry which includes Omi Privé’s award-winning moonstone, sapphire and diamond ring and our bold pink tourmaline and tanzanite ring.

JCK Cover JA2018
A lovely oval pink tourmaline is at the center of this bold rose gold ring. Held by a bezel set and surrounded by diamonds, this ring has a special cut tanzanite gracing each side.

A lovely oval pink tourmaline is at the center of this bold rose gold ring which was featured on the JCK cover. Held by a bezel set and surrounded by diamonds, this ring has a special cut tanzanite gracing each side.


Omi Privé’s award-winning moonstone and sapphire ring flanked by two pear shaped diamonds glows in the photo shoot with Maggie the Ibizan hound.

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Winning Streak Continues with Prizes for Four New Designs

(Los Angeles, CA – May 15, 2018) High quality gemstone purveyor and jewelry design house Omi Privé is awarded four more honors at the 2018 edition of the Jewelers’ Choice Awards by JCK, to add to their growing list of recognitions and accomplishments.

With three rings placing in the top three in their respective categories and an additional ring placing in the top two, the company has now been awarded a total of sixteen JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards since Omi Privé’s inception in 2012.

“It’s an absolute honor to be recognized by our peers in this prestigious competition,” stated Omi Privé president and head designer Niveet Nagpal. “Each award presented to our company since its 2012 launch is a testament to our vision and our passion. On behalf of everyone at Omi Privé, I’d like to thank JCK for the opportunity to take part in this competition, and also thank those in the jewelry and gem industries for their continued support.”

This year’s prizes were taken in the Platinum Jewelry over $10,000 category, the Colored Stone Jewelry between $2,501-$10,000 category, the Best Statement Piece over $30,000 category, and the Best Bridal Design over $10,000 category, which saw an Omi Privé platinum ring showcasing an extraordinary 10.03 carat cushion-cut blue sapphire center as a finalist. The award-winning ring also featured 0.44 carats of round sapphires set halo-style, and 0.89 carats of French-cut white diamond baguettes accentuating the ring’s shank. This very special piece – as with all jewelry created by Omi Privé – was crafted by hand in Los Angeles, California.

Further details of the award-winning rings may be found online at OmiPrivé.com, or viewed in person in Salon 916, at the LUXURY by JCK show in Las Vegas from May 30th through June 4th, 2018.

View the Best of The Best Flip book:

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 11.00.27 AM


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(Los Angeles, CA—February 13, 2018) Omi Privé’s moonstone and sapphire ring was named recipient of the 2018 Centurion Design Awards in the “Casual Fashion Jewelry over $5,000” category. The awards are presented annually to talented designers in multiple categories during the invitation-only Centurion Jewelry Show held at the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, AZ.

Exhibitors of the Centurion Show display their most innovative and trend-inspiring jewelry designs during the event where esteemed retailer and media attendees are invited to vote for their favorite design in each category. Winners of the Design Awards were presented during Centurion’s Second Annual Triple Treat Dinner & Dancing Event sponsored by The Knot, where Niveet Nagpal, President and Head Designer of Omi Privé accepted the award for the moonstone ring (watch the video on our Facebook page).

“When I saw the moonstone with such a strong blue sheen it really spoke to me. I knew I wanted to create a design that really focused on framing the stone and pulling out the inner blue glow. I decided to frame it with royal blue sapphires set in black rhodium, like a blue moon in the night sky,” said Niveet. A 7.28 carat moonstone glows at the center of the award winning platinum ring. The moonstone is accented with 0.32 carats of round blue sapphires flanked by 0.21 carats of pear shaped diamonds. To view the winning design please visit


Niveet Nagpal of Omi Privé accepting the revered Centurion Design Award.

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There’s been a lot of love surrounding colored gemstones lately and at Omi Privé we understand why. There’s nothing more glorious or rare than a fine colored gemstone jewelry design. And the most well-known gem, the sapphire, is at the center of two recent engagements.

Earlier this month Gwyneth Paltrow was engaged to writer and producer Brad Falchuk with a stunning deep blue sapphire ring. The Goop founder stepped out this past weekend at the Producers Guild Awards in a red-hot Alex Perry dress, a brilliant color contrast to her gorgeous blue sapphire engagement ring.


Although this design below isn’t Gwyneth’s actual engagement ring, we’re delighted to offer you this similar 20.03 carat sapphire and platinum ring with black rhodium accents. View this and many other rare sapphire designs on our website.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 8.08.22 PMGwyneth-Paltrow-Engagement-Ring-From-Brad-Falchuk

The Royal family is also adding another soon-to-be famous sapphire ring to the family. Princess Eugenie and Mr. Jack Brooksbank announced their engagement this past weekend with a stunning padparadscha sapphire and diamond ring. Padparadscha is known for its unique and perfect combination of pink and orange. It’s one of our favorite gemstones because its a true connoisseur stone which emanates the color of the sunset. Omi Privé has many attention-grabbing bridal designs featuring this very rare sapphire. What color would would you choose for your gemstone ring? To see Omi Privé jewelry in person, plan a visit to one of our official retailers near you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 7.05.58 PMrings














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As we get into the heart of the shopping season, we at Omi Privé want to make sure that that you are up to date on the season’s latest styles of both one-of-a-kind pieces and classics.


Duet Studs

S1304 S1291













Our popular blue sapphire Duet stud earrings make a perfect holiday gift.  Adding the second halo to these earrings adds a level of sophistication and style that is sure to be noticed.  These earrings can be worn formally or with a white t-shirt and jeans.


Indicolite and Alexandrite Sevilla Ring



One of the most captivating colors in the gemstone world is the rich blue-green color of indicolite tourmaline.  We accent this 3.5 carat tourmaline with fine Brazilian alexandrites and diamonds in an 18K yellow gold setting for added warmth.  The open gallery allows light to flow through the gemstone to maximize its brilliance.


Icy Blue Sapphire Ring

R2042 R2042-2













An amazing one-of-a-kind platinum ring, featuring a 13.26 carat emerald cut sapphire.  The sapphire is a soft, cool blue that is mesmerizing to look at on your finger.  The step cuts make it seem like you are gazing into a deep pool of water.


Ruby Duet Pendant












If you are looking for a symbolic gift this year, this ruby pendant might be the perfect option.  The heart shape represents love, and the deep red color of the rubies symbolizes passion.  The recipient of this pendant should have no doubt about your true feelings for her.


Blue Sapphire Bypass Ring














This is our contemporary take on a classic style.  Our blue sapphire bypass ring is hand-crafted from platinum and uses perfectly matched suites of blue sapphires and diamond baguettes.  We add black rhodium behind the accent sapphires and on the prongs for a bolder, slightly edgier feel.


Colombian Cushion Cut Emerald Ring

R2043-3 R2043-2













One of the prettiest emeralds we have ever seen is the centerpiece of this one-of-a-kind platinum ring.  The rich green color, with a hint of blue, combined with the unusual clarity of the emerald makes this a very special piece.  The details in this ring add to its value with ideal cut diamonds, fancy yellow diamonds and additional accent emeralds in the gallery.



Brazilian Alexandrite and Diamond Duet Necklace














Fine Brazilian alexandrite is one of nature’s true treasures.  It has natural color-change properties from a deep teal color to a purplish-red.  The mine’s production has all but stopped, so if you want to own one of these special gems, don’t wait too much longer.  This one-of-a-kind pendant features a pear shape alexandrite surrounded by halos of alexandrites and diamonds then topped with a kite shape diamond surrounded by alexandrites.


To see Omi Privé jewelry in person, plan a visit to one of our official retailers near you: