Our Craftsmanship – Captivating, Calculated & Commendable

Craftsmanship has always been one of the most valued and key components of utmost importance to us at Omi Privé. When it comes to designing and creating our pieces, we place an exceptional amount of time and love into each step of our design process. We focus meticulously on the quality of gemstones, design features and craftsmanship to create a dynamic look guaranteed to wow gemstone and jewelry lovers all over the world!

Our craftsmanship is one of the main reasons we have received multiple trade and consumer awards for our jewelry pieces. When Omi Privé was launched in 2011, we entered two pieces into the AGTA Spectrum Awards in order to share our excitement about our newly launched brand. To our surprise, we closed out our very first year with a First Place winner in Bridal Wear! A gorgeous 5.55 carat tsavorite garnet, yellow diamond and diamond ring set in both platinum and yellow gold. 

We were also honored with “Best Use of Platinum and Color” with our sapphire and diamond platinum bracelet, an iconic design from Omi Privé.

When asked how the winning design awards transformed the Omi brand as a whole, Niveet Nagpal replied, “For us, it’s been huge,” he says. “It gave us confidence in moving forward in the design space. It validated me in the eyes of clients. We’re not just popping stones into mountings—we’re actually designing award-winning jewelry.”

Each year since the beginning, Omi Privé has been honored with prestigious design awards. Some of our favorites include our black opal, sapphire, tsavorite garnet and diamond ring which won the prestigious honor of Grand Prize in the 2015 JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards as well the W Readers’ Choice Awards that same year.

Our Paraíba-type tourmaline, Paraíba tourmaline and diamond ring placed 1st place in the Classical Category of the 2020 AGTA Spectrum Awards.

And most recently we were honored with 1st place in the Jewelers of America 2021 CASE awards engagement ring category for our moonstone, Paraíba tourmaline and diamond ring.

While most jewelry today is produced through machinery and various ways by use of technology, we have remained true to the expertise of hand-made craftsmanship. For example, to set the stones, each piece is hand-drilled on individual wires and then hand assembled to form the basket. This subtle detailing is oftentimes known only to the wearer, but that is ok by us! Our desire is that every owner of an Omi Privé piece recognizes the care and mastery we put into all aspects of our designs. 

Another design detail that sets us apart from the rest is our use of French pavé. Taking a closer look at our French pavé below, you will notice Omi Privé’s superior craftsmanship. Treating each piece of jewelry like its own mini-sculpture, each pavé prong is carved by hand. This ensures their strength and allows our master jewelers more control, which is why very little metal can often be seen when our French pavé halos are complete.

One-of-a-kind pieces and items from our Vault collection are true pieces of artwork. For a signature touch, we love adding in a small round alexandrite on the inside of the shank. Alexandrites are one of our favorite gemstones and exhibit rarity, value and beauty; three characteristics our one-of-a-kind pieces embody. To see more of our collection visit omiprive.com.