With scales made from rough Tanzanian color-change alexandrite, one could argue this gecko is part chameleon. “Alexis” can most often be found resting lazily on the lapel of Head Designer for Omi Privé, Niveet Nagpal. She is both a mascot and a manifestation of the Omi Privé brand, as alexandrite is one of our favorite gemstones and often featured in our designs. In this video, Niveet explains the inspiration and love behind Alexis.

Alexandrite has been an inspiration in our jewelry designs since Omi Privé’s beginnings. The approach to our design process always begins with the gemstones. We seek to compliment and elevate their beauty. The color change properties of alexandrite make it one of our favorite stones to use in designs and allows for many uses, whether as an accent stone, center stone or both. 

The stunning three stone alexandrite ring pictured below displays dazzling color change. The center stone is accompanied by a certificate stating it is of Brazilian origin. Brazilian alexandrites are often noted for their superior color change against other localities. Always considered very rare, fine Brazilian stones are becoming increasingly scarce to source. Similar to Russian material at the start of the 20th century. 

In daylight, some of the finest alexandrites will appear in shades of blue-green, and in incandescent light, they will be red-purple. We consider many different stones when deciding to accent with alexandrite, because the center stone’s tone should compliment and contrast the changing alexandrites.

For example, in this rose gold design above, an inner halo of alexandrite contrasts the bright purple spinel center. However, in different lighting the halo of alexandrite matches the center stone nearly perfectly.  The opposite is true for the tourmaline and pendant below, where the alexandrites will compliment in daylight, and contrast under incandescent lighting. 

We also find alexandrite pairs very well with other phenomenal stones. See examples below of alexandrite paired with rainbow moonstone and opal. These stones display their own unique and changing properties that together with alexandrite, create designs that beg to be worn and for closer inspection. 

Because it is both exceptionally rare and Niveet’s favorite gemstone, we often include a single round alexandrite set inside the shank of our Vault collection designs.

At Omi Prive, whatever the gemstone, we seek to craft luxurious fine jewelry that is deeply personal and reflects each owner’s personality. This is best embodied in Alexis – the alexandrite gecko. She has become a fixture on Niveet’s lapel and is not soon to wander off.