Omi Privé would like to highlight the diamond, which often serves to unite our colored gemstone designs. With our heritage firmly in the colored stone trade, our jewelry line was created to luxuriously house some of the world’s most dazzling colored gemstones. This is something that sets us apart from many other jewelry designers, where diamonds are often the focal point of creations. And while our pieces may rarely have a diamond at the center, we appreciate the beauty and the dimension this treasured gemstone can add. 

Whether as a side stone or an accent stone, diamonds in Omi Privé jewelry provide a vital contrast to the bold and striking colors in our gemstones. All of our diamonds must meet an exacting Omi standard, all accent rounds are GIA Ideal Cuts and batch tested to ensure they are natural. Side stones are always G-color, VS-quality or higher. This ensures that the quality of all stones in any Omi Privé design are considered some of the finest in the world. 

Diamond halos are found in many of our designs. Whether coupled with another colored gemstone halo in our “Duet” collection, or interrupted by a dazzling pair of side stones, a diamond halo adds brightness and protection to your center stone. Colored gemstones require special care, but the addition of a diamond halo adds both another layer of brilliance and security. 

Because of their durability and toughness, diamonds can be cut into myriad shapes. At Omi Privé we love to experiment with these different cutting styles to add individual structural dimensions. Recently we have been particularly enchanted by the epaulette or Cadillac cut side stone, which with its center point adds an elegant shape that naturally flows into the shanks of our rings, versus the more traditional half-moon cut diamond.

We have also been exploring the rose-cut diamond in some of our more recent designs. This cutting style plays a pivotal role in the faceting progression of the diamond’s history, and we believe that the coupling of this historical cut with our modern designs creates a compelling juxtaposition.

Many diamond side stones can also be faceted as either brilliant or step cut, which is helpful when designing colored gemstone jewelry, as there is often great variation in cutting styles of colored gemstones. For example, this very classic step cut sapphire center is embellished by a more modern pair of step-cut octagon shaped diamond side stones.

Different diamond shapes help accentuate the design, as beautifully shown in this kite-shaped alexandrite ring.

We also enjoy experimenting with custom diamond cuts to create something truly one of a kind. Whether in baguette diamond halo, or through a tapering French-cut baguette set shank, the ability to perfectly cut diamonds to fit our exceptional center stones provides integrity and richness to the collection. 

With color at the heart of what we create, it cannot be overlooked the striking contrast that the addition of diamonds adds to Omi Privé designs. A striking blue sapphire center is exalted in our iconic Duet design, with an inner diamond halo that adds a ring of stark contrast against the otherwise entirely sapphire set ring.

The same could be said for the Paraíba pear shape in this featured design. The color of this rare form of tourmaline is so striking, that the addition of soft white brilliant diamonds acts to focus attention on the rarity and beauty of the center stone.  

At Omi Privé, we believe it’s worth stopping to smell the roses and laud the true beauty of diamonds. As humans, we often seek comfort in the things that provide permanence and meaning. In this way, we celebrate the diamond, a gemstone that has woven itself into some of the most consequential moments of our lives. We look forward to continuing to share the joy that jewelry brings in our newest designs, and we applaud all of those out there fighting on the front lines, tough as diamonds, for us all.