The Soul of a Gemstone, the Sparkle of a Diamond

At Omi Privé, we continue to build on our heritage that remains firmly rooted in the colored stone world. Our jewelry line was created to luxuriously house some of the world’s most dazzling colored gemstones. We believe this core value is something that sets us apart from many other jewelry designers, where diamonds are often the focal point of designs. And, while our pieces might never have a diamond at the center, we always appreciate the beauty and the dimension that this treasured gemstone adds to the story we tell in each of our pieces. 

Whether as a side stone or an accent stone, diamonds in Omi Privé jewelry provide a vital contrast to the bold and striking colors in our gemstones. The award winning design, shown above, incorporates both round diamonds and french-cut baguettes. French-cut diamonds are a natural evolution of the table-cut, which is considered the very first examples of faceted diamonds! All of our diamonds must meet our exceptional Omi standard- all accent round diamonds are GIA Ideal Cuts and batch tested to ensure they are natural. Side diamonds are always G-color, VS-quality or higher. This ensures that the quality of all stones in any Omi Privé design are considered some of the finest in the world. 

Because of their durability and toughness, diamonds can be cut into a multitude of shapes. At Omi Privé we love to experiment with these different cutting styles to add individual structural dimensions. In the ruby and diamond ring above, the center gemstone is surrounded by a halo of diamonds plus half-moon diamonds on each side! By incorporating custom diamond cuts, to create something truly one-of-a-kind. 

Once we choose the perfect center gemstone, we highlight the natural beauty within by using an array of diamonds and other gemstones in different shapes and sizes! In the one-of-a-kind design seen above the center gemstone, an oval cat’s eye alexandrite, is surrounded by an inner halo of hand-set round alexandrites and an outer halo of larger round diamonds to create a stunning statement piece. 

Whether it’s trapezoid-cut diamonds, carre-cut diamonds, diamond baguettes or all three, as seen in the sapphire masterpiece above, an Omi Privé piece is truly a work of art. This ring is a modern take on the beloved Art Deco style. We used elegant geometric lines paired with the clean diamonds to emphasize the already beautiful emerald-cut sapphire!

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