In a world of uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard not to focus on the hardships many are having in health, work, and more. Omi Privé’s mission is to bring inspiration and community through colored gemstone jewelry. What better way to do that than through a COVID-19 Superhero Giveaway to honor the healthcare workers and give one random winner a sapphire and diamond pendant?

The Sapphire & Diamond Pendant valued at $6,300 will be awarded to the lucky winner featured below!

As over 2,400 entrants nominated healthcare workers who exhibited bravery during this time, it was evident to Omi Privé that this giveaway was more than just a giveaway. It was a gesture of support for the unsung heroes. Much like New Yorkers are clapping at 7 p.m. to honor this community, Omi Privé was proud to use their platforms with almost 40,000 followers to add praise to this round of applause. 

The stories of bravery were heart-warming and powerful:

The winner of the COVID-19 Superhero Giveaway is Jesica M., a Nurse Practitioner at the largest hospital in her state of Mississippi. Nominated by her mom, Angela, she has continued to go into work and care for her patients throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Jesica has also been involved in COVID-19 screening for the public and in helping to coordinate testing throughout the state. While she works, her husband, has been caring for their 2-year-old at home.

Jesica after a long day of work is always happy to see her superhero!

Jesica’s mother, Angela, nominated her for all of her hard work on the front lines during the crisis.

Niveet Nagpal, President and Head Designer of Omi Privé is honored to present the sapphire and diamond pendant, and is thankful for all of our essential workers during this time. “Thank you, Jesica, and all of the healthcare workers for your hard work and bravery as you serve to keep us safe and keep your communities healthy.”

Jesica sent us this snap of her new sapphire and diamond pendant. Thank you Jesica and congrats!

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