Chrysoberyl is best known for its important varieties alexandrite and cat’s eye, a form of chrysoberyl that is polished into a cabochon and highly chatoyant, displaying a sharp line of light through the center of the stone. The cat’s eye effect exhibited on this variety is caused by microscopic needle-like fiber inclusions that cause the light to band together in a thin streak or ‘eye.’ In fact, the term cat’s eye is most often associated with chrysoberyl, and when used alone without a gemstone name prefix will always refers to cat’s eye chrysoberyl, which is the most famous and valuable of the cat’s eye gemstones. The highest value gemstones of this variety display a bright and straight light effect that is strong and perfect. The most desirable chrysoberyl is slightly greenish yellow or brownish yellow, a color similar to honey. When a honey-colored cat’s eye is held toward a concentrated light source with the chatoyant band at right angles to the light, the half of the stone closest to the light will show the honey color and the other half will appear milky. This is referred to as the “milk and honey” effect (view video below). Enjoy discovering some of our favorite cat’s eye designs from Omi Privé.

Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye, Alexandrite & Diamond Ring
Alexandrite Cat’s Eye, Alexandrite & Diamond Earrings
Alexandrite Cat’s Eye, Alexandrite & Diamond Pendant
Alexandrite Cat’s Eye, Alexandrite & Diamond Ring