Celebrating Red, White and You!

With the 4th of July fast approaching we’re seeing lots of Red, White and Blue! Celebrations will be in full swing and the “King” of gemstones, ruby, is very popular this month, as it’s the coveted birthstone for July. But did you know that ruby isn’t the only red gemstone available to warm up your holiday attire? If you haven’t yet added a ruby to your collection, don’t worry, you can add a fiery red spinel or glowing rubellite tourmaline.

Ruby and Diamond Heart Pendant

Red Spinel

One of the most famous rubies in history was discovered to not be a ruby at all, but a red spinel. This shocking discovery is what gave birth to the study of gems and gemology. The Black Prince’s stone was given to him in payment for an expensive military campaign, and the “Balas Ruby” became treasured by many English monarchs. This stone, with much appeal and allure is now known to be a 170 carat red spinel. 

Spinels are an attractive alternative to ruby and sapphire as the same trace elements that color corundum are also what colors different spinels, which come in an array of colors – ranging from a continuum of intense reds and pinks, down to the cool hues of blue and violet. Chromium causes the fiery red color of red spinels as seen in this red spinel and diamond by-pass ring.

Red Spinel and Diamond By-Pass Ring

Rubellite Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a gemstone that comes in a seemingly endless variety of shades and colors and in fact can occur in almost every hue. Many colors have inspired their own trade names, such as the pink, red, purplish red and orangish red tourmalines known as ‘rubellite’. Manganese is the mineral that creates rubellite’s natural pink to red color. If a tourmaline is predominately red in color and has a nice deep pinkish red to slightly purplish red, these are the most desirable colors for rubellite tourmaline. A deeply saturated rubellite sits at the center of this mixed metal ring seen below.

Rubellite Tourmaline and Diamond Ring

We look forward to helping you celebrate all of life’s milestones! Please visit your local retailer to view Omi Privé in person and discover your favorite colored gemstone.