Our Luxury Design Winner!

Just a few short weeks ago the Omi Privé team spent the week in Las Vegas, Nevada attending the LUXURY by JCK show. Each year “Vegas Jewelry Week” hosts hundreds of jewelry store retailers, who shop the latest and greatest selection of fine jewelry for their showroom floors. Prior to the show, we entered one of our brand new Paraíba-type tourmaline platinum ring in the Luxury Design Awards, and were awarded 1st place in the “Bright & Bold” category. We knew we’d be up against many amazing designs, but we were confident in the bright and unique color this ring displays!

The Luxury Design Awards were created to honor designers and manufacturers who break the boundaries of innovation and originality while celebrating imagination and excellence in craftsmanship. We have a continuous vision and mission at Omi Privé to unearth the most beautiful and unique gemstones and create one-of-a-kind designs. We are incredibly honored and privileged to have received the first place winning luxury design award at LUXURY by JCK this past year! We absolutely love this ring and it’s safe to say everyone at the show did as well. 

It is meticulously crafted with the very rare and highly sought after Paraíba-type tourmaline, Paraíba tourmaline and diamonds. We hand-make every piece to ensure only the highest tier of quality. The round Paraíba-type tourmaline featured at the center is over seven carats in weight, an incredible size for such a clean gemstone. 

When asked about his inspiration for the award winning design, Lead Designer Niveet Nagpal explains, “I just knew when I came across this gemstone that I had to make something magnificent. It’s very rare to find such a large round when it comes to the Paraíba-type tourmaline. This gemstone has also been especially inspirational during this past year, it reminds me of the carribean blue waters, which we all dreamed of so much.” 

Niveet also explains, “I wanted to mainly create a ring worthy of the size and rarity of the center. It mixes a lot of different shapes and colors yet still stays simple and elegant. Everywhere you look on the ring is a different shape and size of both diamonds and Paraíba Tourmaline”. 

For more information on our award winning design please email us at jewelry@omiprive.com.