Collecting Gemstone Jewelry – The “Big Three”; Sapphire, Ruby & Emerald

Why do people collect jewelry and gemstones? For their beauty of course. For artistry matched with rarity. Naturally value plays an important part. And above all else, for sentiment.

By sharing moments of joy, professions of love, jewelry and gemstones have the power to create lasting memories. Infusing rare and exotic jewels with an invaluable personal history that is cemented onto the value of the piece itself. This year’s gifting season feels supercharged with emotion and what better way to share in that feeling than with a special one of a kind piece of jewelry that will bring joy and value for years to come, marking an incredibly unique time in our lives.

For the classic collector, blue sapphires, rubies and emeralds are always in style. These gemstones have captivated humanity for centuries and for obvious reasons. The beauty of their dazzling color is both immediately evident and ever increasing in value – as stones with true pedigree become harder and harder to source.

At Omi Privé this season, Madagascan royal blue sapphires are center stage. Celebrating a source that continues to reveal remarkable gemstones are a perfectly matched pair of emerald cut sapphires. The gemstones are framed in custom cut diamond baguettes and even the reverse of the earrings are set with sapphires and diamonds.

Two statement rings also celebrate this burgeoning source. One, an 11.75 carat oval held fast by fearsome claw-like prongs, its depth of color is highlighted by tapering round sapphires. The other a 9.34 carat formidable emerald cut stone, whose firm lines are juxtaposed with petal like prongs wrapped around baguette diamonds.

Emeralds remain one of the world’s most coveted gemstones. While exceptional stones from storied sources like Colombia will always command high prices, remarkable examples from recent mining locations give new life to this envy inducing gemstone. A classic emerald cut, this natural Colombian stone displays silky slightly bluish green color. While the recent Spectrum award winning oval hails from Zambia and scintillates with clean bright green color.

Stop lights. Danger signs. Nothing commands attention like ruby red. Perhaps that’s why this gemstone has remained the most coveted in history. From fabled Burmese stones with their velvety color to brilliantly bright Madagascan rubies, the hunt for the elusive “king of gemstones” remains robust and its value secure. Finding a ruby certified as natural, with the color to match symbolizes both uncompromising romance and unmistakably rarity and uniqueness.