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Refresh any wardrobe by adorning your ears with style and color! This season the runway is seeing earrings that are more colorful, bold and downright statement making. Celebrate your personal style with the gemstone that speaks to you. Which pair of earrings is your favorite?



Alexandrite & Diamond Platinum Earrings


Rainbow Moonstone, Purple Spinel, Fancy Sapphire, Alexandrite & Diamond Rose Gold Earrings


Paraíba-Type Tourmaline, Purple Sapphire, Paraíba Tourmaline & Diamond Earrings


Sapphire & Diamond Platinum Earrings


Paraíba-type Tourmaline, Paraíba Tourmaline & Diamond Platinum Earrings



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Omi Privé takes First Place in the Luxury Debut Category with Purple Sapphire and Paraíba Tourmaline-Type Ring

With a unique passion for high-quality gemstone and fine jewelry design, Omi Privé was awarded first place honor in the Luxury Debut Category at the 2019 Luxury Design Awards, adding to their further recognition for creating the finest colored gemstone jewelry.

“Being a part of the esteemed LUXURY show during their 20th Anniversary celebrations was a true honor,” said Niveet Nagpal, Omi Privé President and Head Designer. “Thank you to our industry partners and Loretta Gordon Block from Gordons Gold Jewellers for bestowing such an honor upon our purple sapphire three stone ring.”

Chosen as a contender by Gordons Gold Jewellers, the Luxury Debut Category saw an Omi Privé Platinum ring with a 4.03-carat purple sapphire as the center gemstone, flanked by 2 Paraíba-Type Tourmaline Pear Shape side stones (1.03 ctw) for a harmonious pastel color palette. Color is what inspires many Omi Privé designs, and the colors in this unheated purple sapphire and the pear-shape Paraíba-type tourmalines tonally were a perfect complement. Relinquishing the idea of pairing “traditional” gemstones and colors allows Omi Privé to create unique designs and deliver to their customers something they might not have ever considered.

Further details of our award-winning rings may be found online at OmiPrivé.com.


Viewing Ring

Loretta from Gordons Gold Jewellers visits Omi Privé to view the ring she nominated for the LUXURY award during Las Vegas Jewelry Week.

Award Acceptance

Designer Niveet Nagpal accepts the LUXURY Design Award at the annual awards presentation.


Niveet Nagpal and Loretta Gordon Block during the awards celebrations.


The award winning purple sapphire and cuprian tourmaline ring.


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18K rose gold pendant accented by black rhodium featuring a 7.10 carat pear-shape rainbow moonstone accented by a 0.51 carat pear-shape orange topaz, 0.40 carat total weight of round alexandrites and 0.08 carat total weight of round diamonds.


Platinum ring accented with black rhodium featuring a 11.17 carat oval moonstone accented by 5.40 carat total weight of oval buff-top sapphires, 0.40 carat total weight of round sapphires and 0.18 carat total weight of round diamonds.


Platinum ring accented by black rhodium featuring a 1.35 carat oval alexandrite accented by 1.29 carat total weight of oval alexandrites, 0.76 carat total weight of round alexandrites and 0.87 carat total weight of round diamonds.


Platinum earrings featuring 4.85 carat total weight of oval Paraiba-type tourmalines accented by 1.01 carat total weight of round Paraiba tourmalines and 1.20 carat total weight of round diamonds.

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Here at Omi Privé, we are proud to present you with bold combinations of colored gemstones in high-quality jewelry that suit multiple occasions. View these and more new unique, handcrafted pieces at LUXURY at JCK Salon 702.


18K yellow gold ring accented with black rhodium featuring a 9.42 carat blue sheen moonstone oval accented by 0.37 carat total weight of round sapphires and 0.53 carat total weight of round diamonds.


18K white gold ring accented with black rhodium featuring a 3.63 carat emerald-cut blue-green sapphire accented with 0.32 carat total weight of round alexandrites and 0.22 carat total weight of tapered diamond baguettes.


18K yellow gold ring featuring a 6.13 carat purple star sapphire accented by 1.16 carat total weight of violet spinels, 0.08 carat total weight of round purple sapphires and 0.27 carat total weight of round diamonds.


18K yellow gold ring featuring a 8.25 carat oval opal accented by 0.24 carat total weight of round sapphires, 0.10 carat total weight of yellow sapphires, 0.16 carat total weight of round tsavorite garnets, 0.22 carat total weight of round red spinels, and 0.80 carat total weight of round diamonds.


Platinum & 18K yellow gold ring featuring a 3.49 carat emerald cut emerald accented by 1.10 carat total weight of tapered diamond baguettes and 0.41 carat total weight of round diamonds.


Platinum pendant featuring a 13.67 carat opal accented by a 0.40 carat buff-top sapphire, 0.54 carat total weight of round sapphires, 0.47 carat total weight of round tsavorites and 0.09 carat total weight of round diamonds.


Platinum and 18K rose gold ring featuring a 1.74 carat hexagonal cut padparadscha sapphire accented by 0.43 carat total weight of trapezoid diamonds.


Platinum ring accented with black rhodium featuring a 1.71 carat oval alexandrite accented by 0.33 carat total weight of round alexandrites and 0.81 carat total weight of round diamonds.

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The Legacy of the Award-Winning Gemstone Jewelry Company Continues with First Place Win in Platinum Jewelry Category

(Los Angeles, CA – May 21, 2019) With a unique passion for the highest quality gemstones and fine jewelry design, Omi Privé is awarded first place honor in the 2019 INSTORE Design Awards in the Platinum jewelry design category, adding to their further recognition in the jewelry industry worldwide.

Since Omi Prive’s inception in 2012, the company has now been recognized with over 30 awards from multiple esteemed competitions including; the W Readers’ Choice Awards, JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards, AGTA Spectrum Awards, Platinum Innovation Awards and the Centurion Design Awards.

This year’s prize was taken in the Platinum Jewelry over $10,000 category, which saw an Omi Privé platinum ring showcasing a vibrant 9.34-carat emerald cut blue Madagascar sapphire center gemstone as the First-Place winner. The award-winning ring also features 0.80 carats of round sapphires, 0.95 carats of carre cut diamond side stones, and 2.00 carats of all custom cut diamond baguettes throughout the design. “I wanted to keep the ring classic and structural since it was surrounding an emerald shape sapphire, while making it fun and unique at the same time,” said Niveet Nagpal, Head Designer and President of Omi Privé. “Platinum is always our metal of choice, but especially in a ring like this with so much detail. We’d like to thank the judges and retail partners for appreciating our passion for colored gemstones and the attention to detail required while working with platinum.”


The design is a modern take on Art Deco design, with clean and bold geometric lines. This very special piece – as with all jewelry created by Omi Privé – was handcrafted a team of experts in Los Angeles, California, whose passion for gemstones leads them to create bold, unique jewelry designs of the utmost quality. Further details of the award-winning rings may be found online at OmiPrivé.com, or viewed in person in Salon LUX702, at the LUXURY by JCK show in Las Vegas from May 29th through June 3rd, 2019.

R2153-RO2020-SAEC-model R2153_BG

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Feldspars are the most abundant minerals in the earth’s crust, and the particular species: orthoclase, that contains moonstones has a history of being worn in jewelry almost as old as civilization. Moonstone is known for its distinct sheen, which ancient Greeks and Romans believed were trapped rays of moonlight. In fact the technical term for this sheen is adularescence; this magical stone was once called adularia deriving from Mt. Adular (now St. Gotthard) in Switzerland where it was once mined. Adularescence is a result of a natural growth pattern of alternating layers of feldspar minerals, orthoclase and albite. This layering causes an interference of light as it enters the stone, reflecting back as the sheen beloved in moonstones, making them appear to glow from within.  

Rainbow moonstone ring accented by custom cut aquamarines and round diamonds set in 18K rose gold.

Legends say the stone provides good luck, Hindu legend believes it was formed by moonbeams, and in Arab countries, women historically sewed moonstones into their garments to promote fertility. Properties often associated with the moon has been applied to this gemstone, such as romance, femininity, intuition, dreams and love. Long been a favored gemstone in jewelry, designers of the romantic Art Nouveau era, such as René Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany, heavily featured moonstone. Like most gemstones, the most prized moonstones contain no visible inclusions; they will also have a colorless, semi transparent to nearly transparent body color with strong vivid adularescence.

Rainbow moonstones also feature prominently in new designs by Omi Prive. Although also a feldspar, rainbow moonstones are from the labradorite species of the group. Labradorite Feldspar is most often associated with mining in Labrador, Canada, but Madagascar is a top source for rainbow moonstone which has a lighter or more transparent body color than traditional Labradorite. Both traditional moonstone and rainbow moonstone’s adularescence is caused by light reflection of twinning planes. With its phenomenal properties, pairing very fine rainbow moonstones with alexandrite accents creates designs that are constantly changing and encourage a deeper examination.


Winner of the 2018 Centurion Design Awards this blue sheen moonstone, sapphire and diamond ring set in platinum is sure to turn heads.


The range of blue hues in this oval rainbow moonstone are drawn out by the surrounding blue sapphire with black rhodium halo and diamond shank all set in platinum.


Round rainbow moonstones are at the center of these unique stud earrings accented with color change alexandrite and black rhodium.


This rainbow moonstone pendant glows from within and is surrounded by color change alexandrite set in 18K rose gold with black rhodium accents.


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The runway has shown us a soft new color palette for 2019 that is full of dreamy spring colors. The colors you choose to wear or accessorize with generally sets the mood for the day; be it playful, romantic, timeless or anything in between. Take some spring-time inspiration from these Omi Privé pieces and add some glowing colors to your wardrobe!

Rainbow moonstone and alexandrite earring and pendant suite set in 18K rose gold with black rhodium for a bold edge.


This Merelani mint garnet, diamond and platinum ring truly rings in spring with its unique green hue.

Morganite Ring

Morganite displays a soft peachy-pink color, which we’ve combined with rose gold accented with diamonds and a marquise cut aquamarine.


Cuprian elbaite tourmaline has an electric blue color that gets its striking appearance from traces of copper.


Lovely pink sapphire combined with 18K rose gold and diamonds is the perfect way to show off your spring style!


And don’t forget the enchanting ocean blue of aquamarine for all of the March birthdays!

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As we enter February each year there is a feeling of love all around as we express our affection for others with greetings and gifts. According to some, St. Valentine’s day originated as the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which celebrated the coming of spring, fertility, and the pairing of men and women. Other sources, first attribute the day’s romantic symbolism to Geoffrey Chaucer’s poems mentioning ‘Valentine’ in the 14th century, specifically  Parlement of Foules. Interestingly, Saint Valentine purportedly wore an ring, customary for Christian bishops, set with an amethyst and engraved with the image of Cupid, recognized as a symbol associated with love. Recognized by his ring, he was often asked to perform marriages and it is perhaps this anecdote that bolstered amethyst to become the birthstone for February. With time and by the late 1700’s sending Valentine’s cards became a hugely popular tradition. Naturally, as a day to show love and affection,  the charming tradition for gifting sentimental jewelry emerged. Today we mostly associate the colors of red and pink with Valentine’s day. So while contemplating what to get your special someone this year, remember when you present an Omi Privé jewelry piece it is a symbol of rarity and beauty that will last for generations.






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Pantone has announced their 2019 color of the year as Living Coral, described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” We’re always excited for the color of the year and Living Coral is a vibrant and fresh start to 2019!



According the official Pantone site, “Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind.”

The same could be said for many rare gemstones that represent this mellow pinkish-orange range including; padparadscha sapphire, spinel, tourmaline, imperial topaz and Malayan garnet. Rose gold is also a great compliment as it nearly matches the nurturing color of Living Coral. Read on for ideas on how you can express yourself or compliment your existing wardrobe with the color of the year!














Padparadscha sapphire has a uniquely soft orange-pink tone which sparkles like no other gemstone you’ve seen. This striking gem is a special member of the corundum family featuring a delicate, pastel color, which is best defined as a blend between pink and orange, very similar to Living Coral’s color. In fact its name translates from Sanskrit to “color of the lotus blossom”, another striking organism whose colors mesmerize like Living Coral.


r1793 r1745













Tourmaline is a gemstone that comes in a seemingly endless variety of shades and colors and in fact can occur in almost every hue. Many peach and pink tourmalines display a hue similar to Living Coral as seen in these beautiful rose gold rings.















Spinel is coveted by collectors and gemologists for its range of hues and spectacular optical properties. Recognized and prized for its hardness, brilliance, spinel comes in many hues and can be a great representation of the Color of the Year, particularly the bold hues of the pinkish Mahenge spinels found in Tanzania.
















Imperial topaz and garnet are gemstones that also possess the vibrant and unique tone of Living Coral. Imperial Topaz was discovered in the early 18th century, topaz from Ouro Prêto in Brazil remains today’s largest and preeminent source for both precious and imperial topaz. Colors are said to range like those of the setting sun; found in yellows, pinks, reds, lavender-pinks and peach-pinks. Considered a true collector’s stone, large sized stones are incredibly rare.

Malaya garnet has been a hallmark gemstone for gem collectors due to its rarity. A hybrid of two gem groups, Malaya garnet group is classified as “pyrope-almandine.” Pyrope garnets are predominantly red, while spessartines are orange. Most Malayas exhibit an equal part of pyrope and spessartine in their chemical compositions, which is what contributes to its rare coral color.

Living Coral feels like a fresh and vibrant hue to kick off the New Year and escape the greys of winter and it will definitely energize your current wardrobe!