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As we enter February each year there is a feeling of love all around as we express our affection for others with greetings and gifts. According to some, St. Valentine’s day originated as the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which celebrated the coming of spring, fertility, and the pairing of men and women. Other sources, first attribute the day’s romantic symbolism to Geoffrey Chaucer’s poems mentioning ‘Valentine’ in the 14th century, specifically  Parlement of Foules. Interestingly, Saint Valentine purportedly wore an ring, customary for Christian bishops, set with an amethyst and engraved with the image of Cupid, recognized as a symbol associated with love. Recognized by his ring, he was often asked to perform marriages and it is perhaps this anecdote that bolstered amethyst to become the birthstone for February. With time and by the late 1700’s sending Valentine’s cards became a hugely popular tradition. Naturally, as a day to show love and affection,  the charming tradition for gifting sentimental jewelry emerged. Today we mostly associate the colors of red and pink with Valentine’s day. So while contemplating what to get your special someone this year, remember when you present an Omi Privé jewelry piece it is a symbol of rarity and beauty that will last for generations.