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If you’re making a list – and checking it twice- here are some colorful holiday gift ideas for every personality! Browse until you’ve checked everyone off your list (and maybe discovered a few gifts for yourself as well!)


ClassicThe person who has a classic style doesn’t want to be too flashy and will choose more subtle pieces. Here we’ve highlighted the three most classic gemstones; sapphire earrings, sapphire ringemerald ring and ruby pendant. These pieces highlight the center stone with diamond accents for understated classy look.



The glamorous personality isn’t afraid of big and bold statement pieces like a padparadscha sapphire and diamond ring, an exceptional sapphire and diamond ring or a daring necklace featuring a perfectly matched suite of cornflower blue sapphires and diamonds.

ArtisticArtistic individuals are creative, impulsive, sensitive and visionary. Their creativity can be expressed by unique choices like a tanzanite and pink tourmaline ring featuring a brushed 18K rose gold finish. An award-winning black opal and Paraíba tourmaline pendant or a ring with complementary colors of black opal, tsavorite and a unique hauyne blue halo would perfectly suit the artistic person in your life.

RomanticRomantics value femininity and admire soft details such as a flower-like diamond halo surrounding a rare yellow-orange fancy sapphire ring. Warm pink tones as seen in a pink spinel and diamond pendant would compliment a romantic’s heart. They also are at times drawn to darker colors such as a ruby and diamond ring to convey passion and desire.

CarefreeCarefree personalities want to have fun and express their personality through unique color combinations and whimsy. A purple spinel and pink sapphire pendant, star sapphire earrings accented with alexandrite or blue sheen moonstone and sapphire earrings will delight the carefree. A stunning black opal ring displaying flashes of red, green and blue is complimented with a non-deliberate array of fancy colored sapphires is perfect for this light-hearted personality.
EdgyA person with cutting edge style shows their freedom from expectations with unique shapes and color combinations as seen in this black opal and alexandrite ring accented with black rhodium. Push the boundaries with a purple spinel ring paired with alexandrite set in 18K yellow gold. A new take on a 3-stone ring the cutting edge can express boldness with a sapphire and diamond ring with sapphire shank and black rhodium accents.

And don’t forget that special man in your life with a pair of colored gemstone cufflinks. The bold look of sapphire on sapphire, or the sophisticated award-winning cufflinks featuring sapphires surrounded by diamond swirls. And for the more avant-garde, trapiche emeralds accented by black and white diamonds with a matte finish.