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Holiday season is quickly approaching and at Omi Privé we believe in celebrating with color! Check out some of the newest pieces in the collection and the inspiration behind them. We’ve included style numbers so you can include them on your holiday wish list and view the piece in person at an Omi Privé retailer near you.




At the center of this statement ring is a lovely lavender spinel, its color does not appear fixed as is mirrors the multicolor round spinels set in its halo.

Style R2334-RC1650-SPOV



The gemstones in this ring design celebrate the color blue! Its halo and side stones are comprised of Paraíba-type tourmalines, while the center displays a rich steely blue spinel.

Style R2336-RC1055-SPCU



At Omi we love designing with rose gold, and these extremely vibrant examples of pink spinels and purple garnets together just shine while surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Style E1275-EC1750-RGCU


P1415-PC1615-SAPS P1434-PC1300-SACU

Sapphires dazzle at the center of both of these pendants; with an inner halo of rose-cut diamonds for a statement making look.

Styles P1415-PC1615-SAPS & P1434-PC1300-SACU



This incredibly fine example of a rainbow moonstone is complimented by a scalloped halo of alexandrites that almost mimic the billowing, rolling nature of the moonstone’s adularescence.

Style P1432-PC1150-MSPS


P1435-PC1250-TOPS P1435-PC1250-TOPS-2

This pendant features a unique and elongated pear-shape tourmaline which is striking in its size and shape. Complimented by subtle detailing throughout, including an alexandrite set “spine” running the length of the back of the stone for a complete look.

Style P1435-PC1250-TOPS



A marvelous blue zircon sits at the center of this ring, its doubling clearly evident in this image and its pavilion well protected in this bezel style ring. Blue zircons are notably brittle, but their sparkle is scintillating.

Style R2320-RC1755-BZOV


R2326-RC1350-SAEC R2327-RC1350-PSEC

In both blue and pink, these sapphire three-stone rings are a classic design reimagined with a monochromatic burst of color.

Styles R2326-RC1350-SAEC & R2327-RC1350-PSEC