Surprise and Delight- Design Details in Omi Privé

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At Omi Privé, the beauty is definitely in the details. When designing our pieces, first and foremost, it is about the gemstone. Niveet, President and Head Designer, believes that each Omi Gem should be framed with a design that reflects the time and attention to detail that nature took to produce such gorgeous gemstones. All of Omi Privé’s pieces are tirelessly handcrafted in downtown Los Angeles to provide greater control over the finished piece. Using a combination of classic techniques and modern technology, we achieve a level of craftsmanship that is not easily duplicated.



For example – in this close up of one of our popular styles, the sapphire is supported by a double wire basket. To set the stones, each setting is hand-drilled on individual wires and then hand assembled to form the basket. This subtle detailing is oftentimes known only to the wearer, but that is ok by us!  Our desire is that every owner of an Omi Privé piece recognizes the care we put into all aspects of our designs.

RC1400 Closeup1


Double Basket


As another example – Notice the stones set on the basket peeking between the split in the ring’s shank? On first glance, you might not even know it is there. But the construction of each piece, through pulled wire technique allows for all metal surfaces are polished, and just as importantly, this technique ensures that the metal is denser and less porous than if cast. All these elements make certain that your jewelry will stand the test of time.



Taking a closer look at our French pavé, again you will notice Omi’s superior craftsmanship. Our pieces are never cast, and our pave is never pre-cut. Treating each piece of jewelry like its own mini-sculpture, each pavé prong is carved by hand. This ensures their strength and allows our master jewelers more control, which is why very little metal can often be seen when our pave halos are complete.

French Pave


For our Vault-worthy rings, we also like to add the tiny detail of a small round Alexandrite set inside the bottom of shank. Alexandrite is Niveet’s favorite stone to design with so this stone is acts as a sort of ‘signature’ and speaks to the rarity and value, and more importantly, the attention to detail we place in each of our designs.