alexandrite with spinel

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About a year ago, interesting colors of purple spinel started showing up in the market. Spinel comes in a beautiful range of reds, pinks, blues and purples, but until now I haven’t seen much of the intense purple you see in the photograph at the top. This deep, rich purple is very similar to the color of alexandrite when viewed in incandescent light.

omi gems spinelIf you love color as much as I love color, then you can appreciate how exciting it is to pair different gemstones together. I’ve paired spessartite garnets with yellow diamonds (1), imperial topaz with rubies (2), and black opal with spessartite garnets and sapphires (3). The idea of pairing this purple spinel with alexandrite was compelling — I could just imagine the halo of alexandrite gems sometimes matching the center stone, sometimes not as the wearer moves from one type of light to another.

I’m also experimenting with other stones, such as green sapphires and blue-green tourmalines. Gemstones are so variable, even among specimens of the same type. It’s hard to stop once you get started. If you’ve ever dreamed of matching different gems together in a piece of jewelry, tell me your ideas in the comments. It’s very likely we have those gemstones in our vault, and maybe in a future blog post I’ll have something new to show you that came from your own color imaginings.

— Niveet


Imperial topaz with rubies spessartite garnet with yellow diamonds and rubies black opal with spessartite garnetalexandrite with spinel